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No tricky tech

You don’t need to do a crash course in coding to ensure your documents are completely protected.

VeriDoc Global

Legally binding signatures

All your signatures generated through VeriDoc Sign are legally binding and recognised in a court of law.

VeriDoc Global

Total transparency

You’ll be able to see the entire history of your document – from the time it was sent right through to verification.

Some use cases for VeriDoc Global include:

VeriDoc Global

Key Documents

Birth certificates, land titles, medical certificates, tax documents, visas.

VeriDoc Global

ID Cards

Driver licences, passports, security cards, national IDs.

VeriDoc Global


Degree certificates, transcripts, certificates of attainment.

VeriDoc Global

Food and Pharmaceutical

Quality certificates, organic and non-GMO certificates, patient information leaflets.


VeriDoc Global

Increase in Trust

Documents can be verified as authentic, without needing training to detect a fake document.

VeriDoc Global

Increase in Safety

Users are protected from fake documents by reducing risk and eliminating document fraud.

VeriDoc Global

Increase in Security

Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

VeriDoc Global

Controlled Access

Document creator controls who can verify the document when a VeriDoc Global secured QR code is scanned.

VeriDoc Global

API Versatility

APIs can be developed to communicate directly with the customer’s existing software


VeriDoc Global

Reduction in Costs

Governments and businesses save time and money lost each year due to document fraud.

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