Your Tv and Blockchain

07 Jul 2019

VeriDoc Global

The invention of the television has helped shape the world to make it what it is today, when once they were small boxes with a black and white picture to now stretching over 60 inches of flat, HD, Smart TV. Some would even say that it would be the most valuable item they own, but many of these same people wouldn’t be able to tell you where they purchased it, or even how long ago?

A majority of us spend our free time in front of television whether it be streaming, gaming, or just watching current events, many would choose this activity above most others as everyone’s favorite past time. A heavy majority of us belonging to a generation raised by television, most of our anecdotes and humor deriving from that very TV, which has led to the television becoming our most valued possession.

So why then do we not treat it as such? Some of us spend more money on our televisions then we do our cars, but probably couldn’t tell you how long the warranty is or even if it has expired. As shown in an article on Media Smart

“Television is an inescapable part of modern culture. We depend on TV for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports — and even music”

The benefits of which listed from the article making it clear television is an integral part of our society with such positives as its ability to create powerful touchstones, enabling people to share cultural experiences with others.

Documentaries helping to develop critical thinking about society and the world. And News, current events and historical programming making people more aware of other cultures.

All this not including the life lessons that all have learned from many a program.

Read the full story, here.

The article added to the age-old debate of good vs evil regarding television, swinging very much in TVs favor. For an item that has effectively raised thousands of children over the years and has kept us glued to screens with no intention of shifting, we don’t know much about how to care for our TV’s.

Thankfully as televisions technology has advanced, so too has others allowing us to provide better care for that honorary family member that we cherish. Not only that but for manufacturers and retailers, adding benefit to a product that is already used by millions with the added convenience of your phone. The company that is making strides in this market is Veridoc Global and its QR code Blockchain solution.

The way the technology works for the QR code blockchain solution involves embedding a QR code on an item with a unique digital hash inside the QR code. The hash holds a string of information that is then placed on the Blockchain network for security, verification, and more importantly end-user validation.

The Secured QR code would be placed on the back of your TV, easily accessible by you and your family members by simply scanning the QR code with any smartphone. Not only could the technology hold valuable information regarding brand and batch numbers, receipt and warranty, but also information on caring for your TV over its lifespan.

You would be able to access warranty information, perform services such as lodging claims, refunds, warranty repairs and since it was most likely years since you purchased it, you will want to access receipts, maybe even the store of sale, all accessible at the scan of a QR code.

Wouldn’t you want this feature included from your TV manufacturer and retailer?

For some, this would mean the most valuable of information since many buy their TV’s second hand via classified websites, not only does the technology allow for a change of ownership for warranties and insurance purposes but it also records all of this information on the blockchain.

This means a lodgement listing of every point of sale and the previous owners it may have had in the past. This technology could not only be a lifesaver in some instances like these but make our lives so much easier having it all recorded and linked to the TV, rather than papers of receipts and warranties scattered about, who knows where.

Once linked to their patented QR code, customers can be confident the information can’t be changed, perhaps even eliminating theft, guaranteeing a legitimate purchase by the seller and just with like some phones, the ability to report a device stolen could also be lodged on the TV’s Secured QR code rendering the device unusable.

The technologies within our TVs are advancing at an astonishing rate and the uses for such devices are increasing, there needs to be a better way to navigate the waters of electronic use.

Spanning this software across many platforms and not just for TVs would be the ultimate goal, allowing this vital information to be accessible for all your essential devices. As the technology advances so too must we and the Veridoc Global Secured QR code is not only the solution but the way of the future.

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