VeriDoc GLobal Smart Login

25 Oct 2020

VeriDoc Global

As part of the VeriDoc Global Product like VeriDoc Smart Login enables users to log in to a web app by scanning a QR code using VeriDoc Global mobile app technology.

Smart Login adds extra security by leveraging two-factor authentication (2FA). Only one mobile device can be linked to a user's account at any one time. It can be used anywhere globally and is perfect for making sure the data you are looking at is correct and secure.

Product Owners can view all sign-in data, including location and time stamps, recorded on the blockchain. Users can sign out of their web account directly from the app on their phones, and everything is recorded for record-keeping and audit purposes.

Examples of Use Include.

Logging into e-learning courses to verify that the correct person is doing the coursework

Signing into web apps to prevent multiple users from sharing a single software license.

Accessing 24-hour gyms, AirBNBs, workplaces, or anything combined with IoT and electronic door systems can be run with VeriDoc Global.

The possibilities are numerous with VeriDoc Global Smart Login.

To get more information about Smart Login just click on this link.