VeriDoc Global and ETgarage Announce Strategic Partnership.

30 Sep 2020

VeriDoc Global

We are very happy to announce a strategic partnership with VeriDoc Global Australia, and ETgarage India. We believe this partnership could lay the foundation for faster adoption of blockchain technology in India.

ETgarage was established in 2019 by Prabir Mishra and Puru Modani to create a platform for the best use of emerging technologies, establishing trust and simplifying verification, focusing on supply chain solutions that accelerate the use of emerging technologies. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, but instead using the best technologies available across the globe. Firmly believing the partnership with VeriDoc Global will revolutionalize the use of Blockchain in India.

“As India gears up for the new normal, we believe this strong partnership will revolutionize digital adoption and transformation in India.” said Prabir Mishra, CEO of ETgarage.

VeriDoc Global has developed a verification protocol that combines anti-fraud software with Distributed Ledger Technology with finished solutions across many different sectors and fields. VeriDoc Global currently leverages several diverse blockchains to give customers more control over their data.

It’s a multichain solution that can be implemented with any other blockchain system and can verify data across multiple blockchains simultaneously.

It’s a new world out there, and blockchain is a crucial part of the future we are entering, not only in the supply chain field, but every primary industry will be affected by it. We are excited to be moving forward with ETGarage in 2020 and continue the success we have built upon this year.

To find out more information about ETgarage please visit and for more on VeriDoc Global

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