Paddock To The Plate Use Case.

12 Nov 2019

VeriDoc Global

Wouldn’t you like to know if the eggs you bought were really farm laid and not cage laid?

But how can you really be certain?

VeriDoc Global and EyeOnRisk developed a use case around this idea. With advances in technology and blockchain having an impact upon many sectors including supply chain and food supply

We now have the technology for you to point your smartphone camera at a carton of eggs and be able to see where your food has come from and in what conditions they were kept and the process it took to get to the product right in front of you. You could even see a live feed of the animals in questions and see for yourself the conditions.

We have done up a fun and simple use case to show you just how easy it would be to make happen. Click on the link here and see how it works for yourself today.