Enjoy Travel With Blockchain

13 Sep 2019

VeriDoc Global

Having been blessed as one of the lucky ones to have traveled around the world, I have come to know there is no better feeling than experiencing the beauty of another culture that is different from your own. I say I have been blessed because traveling in this day and age is most definitely a luxury, one that many hope to have the chance to be a part of but sadly may not achieve in their lifetime, and while others have sacrificed traveling the world for other desires, it still begs the question as more and more people choose to travel, why the services aren’t adapting with the times to make the experience safer and more stress free.

Seasoned travelers know the risks of planning a trip on their own, hearing the stories of the many things that can go wrong, some knowing first hand. One risk, in particular, seems to be an ongoing issue, whether they be tours, hotels or flights some of them may be fraudulent. There are a lot of victims out there that have fallen prey to false bookings, travelers booking through a tour agency only to show up and find that it did not exist. This was a predicament I have also encountered in my early years, booking a flight through what I thought was a legitimate site only to find the ticket purchased did not exist, my only option to spend more money on yet another ticket.

In an article hitting back against fake travel websites, it goes on to list the many ways scams can ruin your perfect holiday.

“Every year around this time, more and more bargain-hungry people get ripped off in vacation and travel scams. Fake websites pop up almost daily on search engines when unwary travelers type in popular destinations in their hunt for a summer getaway. Carelessness can lead to the misery of being duped into paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to bogus travel companies, agents, and property owners.”

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Scams targeting travelers are not the only problem that needs to change with the times and as they become more advanced so too should we.

Both presenting too many problems yearly for unsuspecting travelers, the system now available is only a fraction of what could become the safest and easiest way to travel, the intention to connect the different air carriers while the beginning would only be a stepping stone into a world of integrated travel and what it could become, all beginning with VeriDoc Global and their patented QR code.

Itineraries, which the more organized traveler may have, would have the ability to create a digital footprint connecting to a travelers booked flights, to the tours, to the hotels, each travel agency, each website and it’s QR code, not only could you check legitimacy, certification, ratings and early check in’s but you would be ahead of game and taking out the stress of travel.

This technology would change traveling for the whole world, providing a safe and legitimate platform for all travelers, VeriDoc Globals patented QR code involves embedding a QR code on an item with a unique digital hash inside the QR code. The hash holds information that is then placed on the blockchain network for security and authentication. The revolutionary advancement in technology allows for VeriDoc Global to customize the storage of necessary information. By using a QR code reading app on any smartphone, a customer can scan the QR code on any flight ticket, brochure or website and receive the necessary information, for these prospective travelers. All the information that you know would have taken painful research to find out would be available at a simple scan of a camera. The possibilities are endless in a fully customized and integrated system.

Try it now with the image above. Download the free VeriDoc Global App from the Play or App store now. Scan the QR code in the image and see the technology today using any smartphone.

Some fear to travel, mostly from being removed from their comfort zone generated by the unknown, something that will no longer be an issue with this technology. Fear of travel will be a thing of the past as VeriDoc Global grows into its potential and eliminates the risk that holds many back from experiencing life-changing events all around the world.

As technology shapes, the world we live in so too will our experiences shape us, spiritually and culturally.

This article was written by Reneé K and Greg G posted originally on Medium. To learn more about VeriDoc Global’s finished solution visit the website at www.veridocglobal.com