What is metadata and how is it used in VeriDoc?

27 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Global

Metadata is information about an object or resource that describes characteristics such as content, quality, format, location and contact information.Metadata can be used to instantly identify and validate the important information such as document holder name, any reference numbers or values from the document upon scanning.

Metadata for each document is taken as strings of information from the document describing the characteristics of that document and are available to be displayed on the verify screen when the user scans the QR code present on the document.

Our clients have an option to choose between a two-step verification available for the metadata fields. One on verify screen and other on blockchain explorer where certain fields of the data from the document are displayed in the form of metadata in the input field. This comes with an extra cost as sending metadata to the blockchain along with the unique hash of the entire document costs more gas.